An unusual shopping mall art gallery..

Now that we have gotten over the New Year frenzy, it’s time for serious reflections. Imagine a place that welcomes you in with Monet’s water lilies, and sends you away with Jackson Pollock’s abstract drip paintings and Damien Hirst’s skull. Except that the paintings are all done by Malaysian artists.

The Gallery @ Starhill has been around for more than 15 years. Located in Starhill Gallery, and as you may have heard, Starhill Gallery is a luxury shopping mall, this gallery was founded by an interior designer, named Chin Chin. At first glance, it looks like it might be just another gallery that sells paintings and miniatures to tourists, the art gallery has apparently made a 360-degree turn from other shopping mall art galleries by actually holding art talks and exploring new ways of engaging the public through blogs and YouTube videos.

How successful modern art galleries in Malaysia, very much depends on how receptive the public is towards art and their willingness to view money invested in art as cultural capital – something that is capable of providing enjoyment for the human soul and soothe a troubled soul as per art as stocks or bonds.

The uncompromising demands of work, play and after-work dinner appearances mean your chances of getting to Starhill Gallery by 6.00pm after office hours are slim. Knowing this, The Gallery @ Starhill stays open until 9:30pm, Monday-Sunday with music to complement the Monets.


My name is Emilia Tan. The founder and the owner of myBatik Magazine.