Art Salon

Hey Artistes!

We skipped a salon this month, to avoid getting into a rut and trying to keep each one more of an event but I am persuaded happily to advertise the next.


But I want to be (reasonably) democratic about this and wanted to present y’all with a few alternatives and options and let you choose which one you’d like.
Karen Anderson has suggested an open mike Reading afternoon.  Read us something you’ve written or just a favorite piece you’d like to share.
I have a very fun (if you’re the right kind of artistes and are up for it) game of IMPROV THEATER I’d like to try out with you.
John MacMillan could perhaps be persuaded to play thru his fabulous musical for our entertainment.
I’m open to all SUGGESTIONS!

When we can go outside fearlessly, we have various more things planned.  Lori Hannan would like to host a clay pot making party at her house in Rye.  Beth would like to do a Batik and Barbecue Day on our new deck at our house and I ‘d like to show you Andy Goldworthy’s Nature work (check out What’s Going On- Andy Goldsworthy, the man who showed me how to see Nature in a Brand New Way, in the Greenhorn Valley View newspaper this very week) and then go out and make installations to photo.

We’ll keep the Salons going somehow, tho the Festival is taking over our lives.  We could do with some volunteers at this point.

Please come back to me asap with your next Salon preferences- or it just won’t happen and I’ll have to throw my democratic beliefs out the window and declare it a non-functioning system.

Thank you!
Onwards and Upwards

Jonathan S. Evans
Editor: MyBatik Magazine

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