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Floral Symphony by Fanny

Floral Symphony by Fanny

Anthony and Marian (aka Fanny) Christian

by Jonathan S.Evans

At only 10 years of age, Anthony Christian was granted the privilege of studying the techniques of the “Old Masters” at the National Gallery in London and the accolade of publicity he received during this period, announced him to the world as a child prodigy. Throughout his time at the National Gallery and for a further seven years Anthony studied at length the works of Rubens and Rembrandt as well as other Old Masters.

Although students and professional artists are able to utilise this method of learning, none are allowed to do so under the age of eighteen and Anthony’s opportunity has remained unique to this day.

In his earlier days Anthony earned his living as a Portrait Artist and painted many of the world’s rich and famous, including Lord Mountbatten, Baroness Olympia de Rothschild, Baroness Fiona Thyssen, Count Guido di Carpegna, Lord Lichfield, Blake Edwards, Julie Christie and Terence Stamp.

His work now features in some of the most prominent private art collections in the world. Collections such as Gore Vidal, Baroness Marie-Helene de Rothschild, Viscountess de Ribes, Mrs J Heinz, Bill Blass, HM Queen Elizabeth II, Mrs. James Lipton and Herbie Hancock.

As for his painting and drawing, his style most resembles the techniques of Leonardo da Vinci and he has dedicated his life to the discovery of all means possible, to paint the most beautiful works of art ever.

Fanny and Anthony met in 1992 and from that time, for four years, Fanny traveled the world dealing with Anthony’s work.  They established a home in India in 1994 with five of their seven children and lived surrounded by the various collections they have made on their many travels from brass to glass, baskets to African gourds, textiles including beautiful batiks from Indonesia and The Philippines (where Fanny lived for three years),  all of which end up in paintings!

In 1999, having never drawn or painted in her life and with no art training whatsoever, Fanny had an overwhelming urge to draw. Anthony saw immediately that she had a natural gift and encouraged her to continue.  She is now a respected artist in her own right creating mesmerising images of such captivating detail and beauty that the eye cannot help but widen in amazement. Fanny’s style is probably unique in its form and in no way influenced by Christian’s work despite how closely they live and work together. Her work comes purely from her heart and soul, manifesting itself in a harmony of colour and form upon paper.

Anthony & Marian by Jo Forkin at Hatch Creative
Anthony & Marian by Jo Forkin at Hatch Creative

They have recently begun a series of collaborative paintings which is being admired for its beauty and originality. Here, Fanny writes few words on the inspiration behind this new collection:

“About 9 years ago I developed a technique of laying my intricate ink drawings over my photographs of the nude, creating the illusion of lace or tattoos on the body.

3 years ago, inspired by these image,s Anthony and I created a series of drawing collaborations where Anthony drew the nude in sanguine pencil and I drew in ink over them creating  beautiful dream-like images that were sensual, sexy and surreal. We could see that this was a beautiful combination. Even though our art is completely different, somehow, when brought together, there is a harmony  we  believe exists because of our Soul connection.

Following the success of our drawing collaboration, Anthony recently  suggested we take  it further by collaborating on oil paintings inspired by the Fanergy series. In this latest series, Anthony paints the nude and the landscape in the background and I paint the patterns and lacework over the top.

In the case of “Sail Away” he has painted one of our favourite views in the world , Mt. Agung , the view from the studio in our beloved Bali.

The Road to India - Fanny and Anthony Christian collab
The Road to India - Fanny and Anthony Christian collab

Our friend, the writer and actor Reggie Oliver, wrote an article about the collaborations and in it he wrote,

“The harmony of these pieces and their distinct quality are such they appear to be the work of another major artist, not the work of two. Should he/she be called Anthony Fannon or Marian Christian? You decide.”

We have called this new series The Marianthony Collection. It is still in progress but the completed works can be seen at http://faacca.blogspot.com

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