Thailand Batik

Batik sarongs are also designed as wraps for casual beachwear. In the southern Thai island of Koh Samui, batik is easily found in the form of resort uniforms, or decorations at many places, and is also used for the locals’ casual wear in the forms of sarongs or shirts and blouses. It is the most common, or even symbolic product for those visiting Koh Samui Island. The Batik of Samui mostly shows the beauty and attractions of the paradise island and its culture, such as the coconut shells, the beaches, palm trees, the island’s tropical flowers, fishing boats, its rich water life and southern dancer, Papthalung.


Surat Chimpleesiri, the Director of Industrial Support Center Region 10, said “Batik generates a lot of income to Phuket and Thailand. However, there is no sustainable development plan for this industry and no support from a government sector. To develop this industry, batik entrepreneurs should work together in a cluster to help each other develop their own business sustainability.

The cluster has to state its direction, goals, strategies, and plans in order to enhance the business potential of the batik industry. Moreover, there should be experience and information sharing and brain storming among the members of the cluster which will make the management more effective 

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