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myBatik magazine 7th issue for August-September-October 2009myBatik is currently a quarterly magazine devoted to batik, broadly defined to encompass batik in fashion, art, lifestyle and community. Our editorial content provides balanced coverage of artists, entrepreneurs, fashion, new techniques, interior designs and batik-related news and events. In addition, the magazine encourages dialogue with other forms of expressive culture: art & craft, film, theater, dance, and music. It is the only publication that is exclusively devoted to the batik scene around the world.

myBatik readership

Readers of the myBatik are people uniquely interested in batik. Again, not only will there be art collectors who are looking for fine pieces of batik art but there will be other readers looking to incorporate batik into their residential and commercial building projects as well as artists and designers looking for inspiration.  Our recipients will refer to the quarterly in many different ways and will use them as long-term references.

myBatik is published 4 times a year in Malaysia and is available at selected art galleries, bookshops, airports, government offices and Batik Guild offices worldwide.

myBatik e-magazine is also available for download at .

Advertising in myBatik

myBatik is the most unique and sustainable way for you to reach batik art collectors, batik buyers, as well as fashion designers and interior designers that are using batik in their work. We will be publishing four high-quality issues annually, beautifully designed and printed, rich in colour and detail, showcasing the best batik artists, designs and art works in the world. Far from being disposable magazines, our issues are longstanding, permanent displays of art pieces, ideas, and information. They will be collected for years to come.

We at myBatik want you to participate with us in the global expansion of the batik world and market place.  We want our advertisers and subscribers to tap into the innovation and inspiration of the artists and ideas that is the source of the magazine.

The quality of the magazine will be unmatched.  The overall look of the entire publication is critical to all of us.  myBatik will be a showcase for you as an advertiser and for the artists. How your advertorials appears in the quarterly is important to us as the articles themselves. Your image will be the first impression for our subscribers.  We will work closely with you, developing a relationship that will help ensure that you have an effective advertising campaign.

Please join us by advertising in our publication. Your investment will pay dividends for years to come and you will be showcasing your business by advertising in the finest batik publication in the world.

Beautiful Malaysian Batik Fine Art
Beautiful Malaysian Batik Fine Art


TMS Art Gallery, Publisher of the myBatik magazine was founded by Emilia Tan, a well known Malaysian batik artist, instructor, and author. Since 2004, TMS Art Gallery has designed and created batik paintings and textiles that are seen in homes and businesses throughout the world. View

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