Why advertise with us?

Specifications: 230mm X 297mm

Frequency: Quarterly (4 volumes p.a.)
Language: English
Readership: 150,000.00
Retail: RM18 (West Malaysia)
RM20 (East Malaysia)

Online purchase at www.BUYbatik.org.my

myBatik is a niche Advertising and Promotion tool for your business. We bring your products to the world stage.


Batik Producers

Colleges providing courses in textiles

Colleges providing in batik

Companies with new batik-making technologies to show case

Countries producing batik

Design comnpanies

Dye producers

Importers/ Exporters of art supplies

Importers/ Exporters of textile/batik

Fashion Designers

producers of art supplies

Producers of base materials for batik ( wood etc)

Producers of batik gifts and souvenirs

Producers of batik home decor producers

Textiles / Fabric producers

Trade /organisations

Wax /resist substance producers

Wholesalers of batik


To increase market share

To explore new markets and opportunities

To promote new products

To strengthen products positioning

To meet international distributors and importers / exporters

To interact with industry players for information exchange and networking

Thus, it is truly crucial for you to participate in myBatik magazine – via our Directory listings, Advertisements, media partners and so on to promote your association/company worldwide.

Should you have further enquiries, please do not hestitate to contact us at editor@mybatik.org.my. We look forward to working with & serving you better.

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