e-magazine is available now
e-magazine is available

E-Magazine for SALES!!

only RM100, and you can have the whole sets
( issue 1 – 16)
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January 2008
1st issue:  Datuk Chua Thean Teng, Father of Malaysian Batik Painting
May 2008
2nd issue: Tun Siti Hasmah, The Ardent Batik Advocate
August 2008
3rd issue: Datin Seri Rosmah, Malaysian Batik Believer
November 2008
4th issue: Datuk Norharuddin, MATRADE Role In The Industry
February 2009
5th issue: Kartini Illias, Surviving The Recession
May 2009
6th issue: Datuk Frank Steinleitner, Confusion to Strength
August 2009
7th issue:  Tun Mahathir bin Muhammad, Malaysia Batik – Forging Ahead Remains The Only Solution
November 2009
8th issue: Yang Amat Berbahagian Toh Puan Mahani Idris Daim, Sophisticated Lady
February 2010
9th issue: Malaysian Retailer Association: Batik in the Retailing Games
May 2010
10th: Noor Arfa, A Tree is Known by its Fruit
August 2010
11th: Yang Teramat Mulia Tunku Syed Razman, The Art of Kings
November 2010
12th: Datuk Danny Ooi, Bringing Batik to the World
February 2011
13th: Dato’ Jimmy Choo O.B.E, The Sole of Fashion
May 2011
14th: Dato’ Mohd. Yusof Ahmad, Ambassador of Art
August 2011
15th: Erra Fazzira, Desa Murni from Dream to Reality
November 2011
16th: H.Excellency Vincent Piket, Greening Batik

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