From: kathleen@concordian.ac.th

Date: 2011/02/14

Subject: The Muses of Silk Article
To: editor@mybatik.org.my

Dear Mr. Evans,

It was with such great pleasure that I was able to read your magazine over the week-end as I visited Rosanne Troitter in Sawangboran in northeast Thailand!  Needless to say, I was thrilled to read the beautiful article by my former student, Jackie, Im Sasisech.  We submitted this two years ago and once again, I am reminded that all good things come to those who are patient without expectations.

This means so much to Jackie who is now in London at college and feeling unsure about her future career.

I happened to be with Rosanne as she had her  monthly meeting with the weavers of Ban Pi, almost 40 women, and they were so proud and happy to [ass the magazine around and look at their photos and realize that their work is appreciated and admired even as far away as Malaysia!  It was a feeling of a mission completed and now I wonder where we will go from here.

I am a teacher in Bangkok and only two years in Asia.  Previously I was in Antwerp, Amman and Munich for many years.  I am enjoying Asia so much and hope to visit Malaysia soon.

Thank you SO much for appreciating this article and finding it worthy to publish, you have positively affected so many lives and we are grateful.

Continued success in your magazine and other endeavors.

Best regards,

Kathleen Baertschy

Integrity Vision Compassion Intelligence

Kathleen Baertschy

IB Diploma English/TOK/IB Coordinator

Concordian International School

918 Moo 8

Bangkaew Bangplee

Samutprakarm Bangkok

10540 Thailand

662 706 9000

From: <KMH-Textilsammlung-Max-Berk@heidelberg.de>

Date: 2010/12/21
Subject: 07 – thanks for MYBATIK
To: emilia@tmsart.com.my
Cc: rudolf@smend.de

Dear Ms. Tan,

Rudolf Smend forwarded a copy of the August issue of MYBATIK to me, and I would like to congratulate you for this very interesting magazine.

Kind regards.

i. A.

Dr. Kristine Scherer

Brahmsstraße 8
D-69118 Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen
Tel.: +49 6221 800317
Fax: +49 6221 58 46 99050

Postfach 10 55 20
D-69045 Heidelberg

Letter from World Craft council President

From: <Rudolf G.Smend rudolf@smend.de>

Date: 2010/08/30
Subject: Distribution of myBatik Magazine in Europe
To: emilia@tmsart.com.my
Cc: editor@myBatik.org.my

Dear Ms. Tan,

Good day from Koeln to the editor and to Emilia,

Thanks a lot for the informations.

I look forward to receive the new magazine.

If you like, you can ad our adress to your distribution list on your website.

We are the distributor in Germany for the “selvedge” magazine,

as well as “textilefourm” and also “textilkunst” magazine.

May be you want to send me some 20 copies of the recent issue so we can send them as a complimentary copy to collectors and museum curators in this part of the world.

If I have to fill in a written form do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks a lot for now.


Rudolf G. Smend


Mainzer Str. 31

50678 Köln





letter from readers on January 2010

From: <Fatimahchik@hotmail.com>

Date: 2010/05/21
Subject: thanks for Emilia Tan
To: emilia@tmsart.com.my
Cc: editor@myBatik.org.my

Dear Ms. Tan,

I collaborated with Emilia in a number of projects like the “Fatimah Chik & Emilia Tan” batik art exhibition held at the SGM Culture Centre in Bukit Bintang, and of course, her very own Batik magazine – the myBatik magazine.

Emilia is a student and a friend of mine. Being her teacher for a number of years in Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA), I had the pleasure and honour to see her hone the gifts and talents in Batik.  Further, I had the delight to see her mature in character and personality.

I would like to salute her with for all the hard work and effort that she has put into the myBatik magazine. Emilia and her team’s passion and earnest desire to spread and expand the Batik industry certainly must be commended.

As the batik has been the intrigue of many not only locally but also internationally, with Emilia and her team’s knowledge, finesse and poise, the magazine has the potential to be an important resource and a major contributor to the batik’s local and international industry.

Further, as the batik is one of the country’s most distinctive symbols, I verily believe that, with Emilia and her team’s professionalism and dedication, they are capable of turning this national asset into a fashion label recognized and admired by people all around the world.

Malaysia boleh!

Fatimah Chik

Batik Artist

Lecturer, Malaysian Institute of  Art M.I.A


Letter from Michael Yong, The Managing Director from Orange Hotel, KL

From: <innai@innaibatik.com>

Date: 2010/05/01
Subject:  thanks for MYBATIK
To: emilia@tmsart.com.my
Cc: editor@mybatik.org.my

Dear Ms. Tan,

As batik boutique in Malaysia, Innai Batik is constantly seeking opportunities to publicize the beauty and the quality of our Batik. With myBatik magazine being the country’s premier Batik magazine, we are pleased to mention that Emilia Tan and her professional team at the myBatik magazine are able to provide us with such publicity.

To date, Seven issues of the myBatik magazine has been published, and we find that the magazines have been very attractive. These magazines cover everything concerning Batik extensively. In addition, with all the exciting and fresh information being neatly packaged and meticulously organized, it’s certainly a magazine which is suitable for beginners keen to know more about the Batik to seasoned experts on the subject.

The magazine is widely distributed in various locations not only locally but internationally. Hence, Innai Batik is able to share the same publicity as the magazine currently enjoys.

Finally, I applaud every endeavor that has been put into the magazine. As the professional partnership between the myBatik team and Innai Batik has been extremely enjoyable, we therefore look forward to collaborate with myBatik magazine whenever it is possible.


Madam Aishah

Owner of INNAI Batik Boutique

From: <ongkayjin.advocatedsolicitors@gmail.com>

Date: 2010/04/30
Subject:  MYBATIK Magazine
To: emilia@tmsart.com.my
Cc: editor@mybatik.org.my

Dear Ms. Emilia Tan,

Malaysian – lawyer friend- Ong Kay Jin

Being a person who doesn’t know much about batiks, I’m glad that myBatik magazine somehow found its way into my hands! The magazine has certainly helped me develop a better understanding of batiks. I am pleasantly surprised that the publication is more than just a colourful magazine. Within its pages, the myBatik contains information, knowledge, insight and so much more. All the articles are written in a manner that is easily comprehensible and understandable by beginners like me.

I would like to extend my greatest thanks and appreciation to everyone in the myBatik team for all their hard work in producing such an excellent magazine. Keep it going! I am sure with further planning and perseverance, the magazine can go very, very far.

From Ong Kay Jin, Advocates & Solicitors

From: <wong.shuen@shuendesign.com.my>

Date: 2010/12/21
Subject:  thank you for MYBATIK magazine
To: emilia@tmsart.com.my
Cc: editor@mybatik.org.my

Dear Ms. Emilia,

I am thrilled to provide my support and endorsement to the myBatik magazine. I am hugely impressed by Emilia and her team’s professionalism, passion and persistence in ensuring that the magazine becomes the country’s premier Batik magazine. So far, all the magazines that have been published contain, amongst others, interviews with prominent and influential members of the public, updates on the latest developments in the Batik industry and in-depth features.

Further, the magazine is widely distributed in various locations including public offices, foreign embassies, major shopping malls and batik centers throughout Malaysia as well as places frequented by tourists in major capitals of the world which include Sydney, London, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles and Singapore.

In addition, the myBatik team has been extremely efficient and effective in providing assistance to the doubts and  questions in my mind.

In conclusion, with Emilia’s vision, hard work and dynamic leadership, together with the expertise of her team, I strongly believe the myBatik magazine will continue to be a significant contributor not only to the future of the batik industry but also to the fashion industry as a whole. Therefore, the myBatik magazine always has my strongest support.

Thank you,

Wong Shu En, Batik lover

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