February 2011

Malaysia Technology Expo 2011

Website :  http://mte2010.protempgroup.com/

Address : Kuala Lumpur Convention Center

Date : 17 Feb – 19 Feb 2011

National Craft Day 2011

Website : www.kraftangan.gov.my

Address : Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex, Jalan Conlay,Kuala Lumpur

Date : 23 Feb – 07 Mar 2011

Participated in by crafts people from all around Malaysia, this programme aims to promote and market crafts and products directly to domestic and international consumers. Activities include craft sales, exhibitions, sales missions, fashion shows, cooking demonstrations and many more.

Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition

Website :  http://www.othergallery.com.cn

Address : Other Gallery Shanghai

Date : 29 January 2011 – 10 March 2011

The exhibition features works by three iconic Japanese contemporary artists, Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Muradami and Nara Yoshitomo, which reflect artistic and cultural developments under the influence of Western culture especially during the post-war period. Faced with the fallacies of representational forms of post modern art as well as the preference for the appropriation of traditional elements, the dilemma of the “non-western” Westernization triggered an art both related to traditions and desiring for self-identity. Through the prints and originals, we can feel the ever-changing Japan in the process of globalization. Yayoi Kusama’s autobiographical and psychological symbols , Nara Yoshitomo’s malicious and sympathy-deserving girls and Takashi Muradami’s deep understanding of the values of the Japanese “cocoons” all reflect the values of the post-war generation formed in a modern consumer society in which the fast economic developments and highly materialized environments brought about the sense of fleeting reality and alienation.

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