photo by Danny, Batik courtesy to Raja Fuziah

5 Responses to “Blok Print Classic Batik design 70′”

  1. admin says:

    of course, knowledge is about sharing, get a copy of myBatik magazine, and this will help in your textile thesis

  2. Lis Lisa says:

    thanks for any sharing………… 🙂

  3. Lis Lisa says:

    im final year student and doing my thesis something about textile. Coincidence, i interested on this title ‘blok print classic batik design’. What do u think if i take this title for my thesis? and if have something others title which suitable about batik today pleasure to share with me….i need others people ideas…

  4. Kylie Batt says:

    without the historical pieces, we cannot have what we have today for the modern and contemporary batik design.

  5. Kylie Batt says:

    woo.. it look so good. really inspiring