Digital Textile Printing

Digital Textile Printing Service
Digital Textile Printing Service

Get the most out of Digital Printing

Remember while making hand draw batik, you have to face the hassles in designing on paper and coloring with brushes which is time consuming? Well, leave all those things behind and embrace the revolutionary Digital Printing.

Digital Printing will do wonders for you. Perhaps after using Digital Printing, you will be spending your precious time designing the next master piece of your choice. Since no copper block (which might cause you a fortune if you are a novice) is required in producing the fabric, you will not only cut down you production cost but also time that needs to be spent on your personal design and coloring preference.

Weather you like it hot or cold, finish fabrics produced using Digital Printing can be washed both ways like any piece in your present wardrobe. This is crucial in cutting down the long production time spent in washing fabrics if you employ conventional technique which results in lower productivity and maybe higher cost.

Taking safety issues seriously, we at TMSART uses only printing ink from DUPONT. It is one of the top producers of specialty inks from the US and has a proven international reputation to its name. Using fabrics with maximum wide of 180cm and no length limit, you will stunned to learn that there is no color limitation imposed in Digital Printing. Your customers wouldn’t be fret to wear the fabric when they come to know the colors used are safe, not only for them but also the environment. Colors are fixed using steaming and dry head process and can be used on a wide range of fabrics of your choice; be it polyester, cotton, chiffon or silk, just to name a few.

By using Digital Printing, you will come to realize that changing your design is a walk in the park. It is really trouble-free and by using the computer, changing your design is only a click away. You will marvel to see the motif and colors printed on your fabric come out as precise as per your design. No matter what your file formats are; raster (TIFF, PSD or JPG) or vector (AI, CRD, or others) as long as they are of high resolution, preferably 200 ppi/dpi or above, to output size. Digital Printing will not fail to amaze you by producing a very fine colored or design fabric compared to fabric produced using conventional technique.

Should you decide to convert to Digital Printing, it’s guaranteed that you will never turn back on it.

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