UNESCO “Award of Excellence for Handicrafts” in Southeast Asia has been established to encourage craft-workers to use traditional skills and materials. The Award of Excellence programme (formerly known as the SEAL of Excellence) aims to ensure the continuation of traditional knowledge and skills and the preservation of cultural diversity in the region. In addition, promote handicraft is a major contributor to sustainable economic development and poverty reduction in local economies.

This year the INDONESIA NATIONAL AHPADA CHAPTER (INAC) will be the lead agency for the 2010 evaluation cycle in close collaboration with the ASEAN Handicraft Promotion and Development Association (AHPADA) Regional Secretariat based in Bangkok, UNESCO Offices in Bangkok and Jakarta.

A panel of experts in design and handicraft production and promotion will meet in September 2010 in Jakarta, Indonesia to review submissions across a variety of craft categories; from household decorations to jewelry, musical instruments and fashion accessories. Craftspeople granted with the “Award” will be presented with certificates in October 2010, and gain access to support and advice from UNESCO and AHPADA on capacity-building and promotional opportunities including national and international trade fairs.

This year’s winning products will be invited to participate in Trade Expo in Jakarta, Indonesian on October 13-17, 2010. Some awarded products will be exhibited during the Trade Expo.

The programme was established in Southeast Asia in 2001 by UNESCO and AHPADA and organized and hosted for each biannual event in Bangkok.

Applications close on the 30 June 2010. All interested artisans and craft producers are encouraged to visit the website: to obtain an application form and for further information on the Award of Excellence for Handicrafts 2010 Southeast Asia Programme.

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INAC and UNESCO Jakarta Office Team

For the application form and kit, please click the link below. Thank you!

Call for Application

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