22 March 2014, The Star newspaper

“Emilia Tan – Banking Batik

22 March 2014 The Star newspaper "Emilia Tan - Banking Batik"
22 March 2014 The Star newspaper “Emilia Tan – Banking Batik”

12 March 2014 –

MELODY FM103 Malaysia, feature Emilia Tan’s Batik journey @ Morning Boss ” Made in Malaysia” program

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Part 2:

Part 3:


21 March 2014 , RED TOMATO newspaper : About myBatik, About Emilia’s Batik Journey


Press Clipping About Emilia Tan’s Batik Art


“Malaysian batik is given a modern twist by internationally acclaimed artist Emilia Tan in her Malaysian Batik meets Australian Aboriginal Art series….” By Going Places Malaysia Airlines Magazine, December 2006.


‘Emilia Tan is one of the few non-Malays who not only have passion in batik painting but use it as a medium for artistic expression…’ by The Star Weekend Newspaper, December 2006


“ Emilia Tan had an eye for everything beautiful. She proves the point with her dedication to the arts. Besides spreading the beauty of batik (via workshops and classes) to fellow Malaysians, she keeps on innovating and experimenting with new techniques in batik-making. She combines mosaic (breaking and realigning of wax pieces) as well as Aboriginal arts with batik. In addition, she also challenges the seemingly impossible: batik on paper……” VISION KL Magazine, December 2006


“Creativity stems from one’s innate ability to envision a whole new concept, and in putting her thoughts to work, Emilia Tan has show that creativity is a wonderful gift to be born with.” by The Star Newspaper, July 2006


“To find a Chinese lady taking interest in batik painting may be hard, but finding a talented one who is naturally interested in using batik as a medium of fine artistic expressions besides being keen on bringing it to the world stages is nearly impossible. One such lady, though, is Emilia Tan “by Soka Gakkai Malaysia’s COSMIC Magazine, June 2006


“Substitute Art for beauty and you understand Emilia Tan’s approach to art. She is truly talented a Renaissance artist and also the exceptional one who is able to work in many mediums, including fabric. Her art is showcased, not only on someone’s wall, but on walking people all around us. The flow of her unique designs and the startling hues of her invented colours are available for all of us to delight in. She is a painter, a fashion designer, a clothes label for the elite, a friend of the PM’s former much beloved wife, Endon, and most importantly she is unique. She is Emilia Tan” by The Expat Magazine, March 2006


“In a complex process of trail and error, Emilia Tan layers colour upon colour, matrial upon material, using wax and dyes to create luminous images of great depth and mystery. The drips and pools of color in Tan’s dream-like imagery are the mark of an unpredictable medium; yet she maintains a superb balamce of design, fluidity of movement and expressiveness of form. With spontaneity of emotion, the shapes in Tan’s work are in continual motion, sweeping upward in vigorous ascent, or falling brightly in delicate descent.” by Agora Gallery New York Lyrical Abstraction Exhibition Press Release, February 2006


“Emilia Tan, a young Malaysian batik artist, whose work is contemporary and multi-culture, successfully fusing Malaysia batik techniques with influences from Australian Aboriginal Art” by Garden International School ACCESS Magazine, December 2005


“Emilia Tan who has a modern interpretation of batik. Her comprise a mixture of aboriginal art styles and batik. No one can predict the future, but one can be that the future of batik will be as bright as its colours.”by Batik Inspirations (featuring top batik designers) coffee table book, November 2005.


“Conservative no more! Batik designs have undergone a transformation in the hands of Emilia Tan, who incorporates Australian aboriginal and other abstract motifs in her works of art” by The Sun Newspaper, May 2005


“Emilia Tan, a motivation, confidence and enthusiasm batik painter, as a leader of the young artist nowadays” by Guang Ming Newspaper, June 2005


“A fast-emerging Batik Artist greatly inspired by nature, Australia Aboriginal art and her own life experiences” by Grand Seasons Hotel K.L., PR Manager Mr. Lionel, March 2005


“In vivid colors and organic abstractions of form, Malaysian artist Emilia Tan brings to gather the traditional arts of  Malaysian Batik and Australian Aboriginal design, as well as the contemporary arts of impressionism and abract painting” by Art Resource New York, February 2005


“Emilia’s batik paintings alternate between realism and abstraction and naunced by impressionism and expressionism. Skillfully executed, the work achieves poignancy through a unique perpective that resonates throughout the cohesive presentation. Wonderful Work.” by Ms.Angela Di Bello, Director of Agora Gallery New York and Editor-in-Chief of Artist Spectrum Magazine New York, September 2004

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