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Batik is one of the most long-revered and highly-developed art form in the Asean region. With a history that spans over a millennium, it has garnered much acclaimed recognition worldwide and became a fashionable technique embraced by many international fashion institutions and designers

This time-honoured craft presents a truly unique textile design technique that involves detailed and meticulous wax-resist illustration and colour dye saturation expressed through the infinite designs and motifs of the various ambits of nature and life forms, featuring floral and animal patterns, geometric shapes and contours.



Liberating Batik from the complexity of its conservative designs and steadfast traditions, myBatik  re-interprets the age-old venerable Art into modern, expressive, “everyday” designs suitable for every occasion. Housing eight Malaysian specialized batik designers under its roof, including a home-grown label, myBatik’s current approach corresponds to the present direction myBatik is moving on , to cultivate the evolutionary change of contemporary fashion

The Design

Keeping abreast with the times, each design is spawned from motifs and styles ranging from abstract to simple and wearable designs which speak well to the contemporary wearers while capturing the free form of emotion and movement. drawing inspirations from any era and culture, the design gradually  alternate between areas of complicated patterning and looser motifs. Some are simple upon first look, yet complex with a hidden depth of spirit once you delve a little deeper. Not only is nature a great influence but also geometric shapes and contours. From the linear treatment of flowers, vines and leaves to artistic impressions of animals and marine lives, scenic landscaps to mystical seascapes, organic to structured, the sky is the limited as the horizon of Batik continous to expand.


The Merchandise Mix

–  Cultivating on the authentic Malaysian designed and hand-made Batik fabrics, myBatik comes to life in many modern, international style to dress the body. Each fabric design is total harmony with silhouette and shape for elegant and stylish dressing. From resort-beach to urban glam, daytime to evening, casual to formal, the Batik design imparts distinctive cultural characteristics to the contemporary shapes. myBatik merchandise includes:

kurta . kaftan . modern blouse . long and short dresses . men’s shirt . sarong . shawl . scarf . 


The Fabrics

While it is important to use distinct natural materials such as cotton or silk as fabrics which allow the through absorption of liquid wax applied during the dye resisting process, it is also imperative to employ densely woven materials of high thread counts ti maintain the intricacy of the Batik design. In addition, experimentation on different materials and colour compositions elevate batik to new levels of elegance and creative ingenuity, such as recent use of chiffon and Indian cotton with silk. The fabrics used in myBatik as base to varied fabulous design include:

silk . satin . crepe de china . chiffon crinkle . chiffon habotai thai/raw . cotton . linen . viscose rayon . 

Catering to your personal sartorial need, myBatik retails non-tailored fabrics which can be customized into shapes and forms that express your personal style. These fabrics are sold in the lengths of 2 meters, 4 meters and 6 meters (conducive to Saree-making)


The Technique

Batik is generally fashioned through the application of wax-consist outlining and colour dye saturation. Using a “chanting”, a hand held pen-like intrument fitted with a copper reservoir for melted wax as dye repellent, the motif is drawn on to the fabric. Subsequently, the areas  free from wax are saturated with colour dye, and the fabric is finally boiled in water to dissolve the wax away. The vivid motif and harmonious mix of color will fill one’s senses with a potent sensation reminiscent to the authentic and detailed hand craftsmanship involved in the production process, and the ingenuity and passion behind the evocation design.

There are various techniques to Batik. The Two popular methods are Batik tulis and Batik blok print.

Batik Tulis – is the original and foremost technique that involves adept hand-drawn batik illustration where the designs are worked onto the silk with a “chanting”. The material is then coloured by hand before the wax is removed. As they are hand crafted, no two designs are the same, ensuring each piece of batik is unique.


Blok Print Batik – involves high quality repetitive motifs made by wax imprints of wooden or metal stamp blocks, an innovative development that revolutionized batik production. With designs derived from free flowing inspirations of any period, especially the contemporary, each block-printed Batik from myBatik is of distinguished quality.

Brushwork Batik – a creative improvisation, Brushwork Batik use a wax-friendly brush instead of the pen-like “chantng” to create motifs with a more expressive and dramatic impact. Outlines are bolder and communicate well the emotional sentiments of the designer and its patterns.

Tie- Dye – is a refreshing variation of the dye resist process, which involves typing up the material before applying colour dye to the designated areas. The boundaries of the dyed  and non-dyed areas are rather blurred, creating a gradient two-tone effect. Tie-dye is typically vibrant and not traditional Batk.

Batik Spray – illustrated by hand-spraying wax onto the fabric using a toothbrush-like instructment, creating interesting speckles effect on the design areas, the outlines and the stenciled shapes.

Cracked Batik– when the wax design on the fabric has dried, the material is crumpled up to create little random cracks on the wax outline. From there, colour is applied to the fabric where individual dye of different sections will subtly overflow into each other through the cracks.




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