17 Responses to “invitation: myBatik Visitor Centre now OPEN ! A True Malaysian Batik Experience”

  1. Robert says:

    Thanks for sharing, Really thank you! Awesome…. i love myBatik

  2. jennifer chow says:

    thank you for sharing, miss Emilia Tan, you are mover and shaker 🙂

  3. Andy Sally says:

    thank you for sharing, and truly appreciate for your batik knowledge

  4. Louis says:

    beautiful design and beautiful myBatik visitor centre

  5. Louise Loo says:

    thank you so much for the batik painting, i really love it. The myBatik magazine is fulled of information and batik ideas. it’s really in my course work.

  6. Amelia Thomson says:

    i love the website and i am so shocked with so much of batik information, and cannot believe that, emilia tan and her team have done so much to the batik industry. keep it up my friend. you are Batik Queen

  7. Cherly Tan says:

    The whole glance of your web site is fantastic, i gain so much of batik knowledge from myBatik magazine.

  8. Batik Toba says:

    thank you myBatik magazine, for helping me this much in the advertisement and promotion.

  9. Batik Jendela says:

    hey, Emilia, you look very pretty and young now, age doesn’t change you much. you are absolutely gorgeous.

  10. Andy Ho says:

    Thank you so much myBatik for the batik information sharing, and i am hoping to visit to myBatik visitor centre one day.

  11. Nicky says:

    Really happy with the fabulous BATIK painting i bought from myBatik! Thank you!

  12. David Anthony says:

    Emilia Tan,

    Rhoda has asked me to pass on that she was thrilled with your batik – We will enjoy looking at the batik art work we bought from your gallery in our living room.

    Kind regards

    David Anthony

  13. Ryan Tan says:

    myBatik Visitor Centre now OPEN ! A True Malaysian Batik Experience … thumb up 🙂

  14. Jordan says:

    i paint batik with a passion, and i really hope that, one day i can be like Emilia Tan, the entrepreneur batik artist

  15. Arthur says:

    When Wax touch the fabric dye, batik happen..

    I’m going to do a presentation about the batik history . I need some informations about how is started ? and if there is a story behind its starting , and I need to know why it’s important for the Malaysian heritage ? Also, what does it do ?….

  16. Jessica Thomas says:

    wonderful batik information for sharing, and this really help in my school work. Thank you Miss Emilia Tan & team

  17. Thomas Brant says:

    thank you for sharing and Emilia you are really smart player in the batik industry