Poem: Children of the World

Two hours and the roads are empty,
The streets of the abandoned, lost and found,
Looking for love that never was,
Children of the world, are you there?
One moment and I hear small whispers,
Echoes of pain, tears and brokenness,
Unfaithfulness enters with its ugly head,
It causes nothing but sadness.

Fame has its moments but it blinds the soul,
The tube wants to save a child but it wrecks the home,
A mistress enters and grabs all that is to a child,
Children of the world, are you there?
Two minutes and a message appears,
It’s the tube again with its famous friends,
Seduction is the game that rules the world,
Saving a child with nothing but lip service.
It leaves a child rootless and without much hope,
Children of the world, are you there?

The light of tomorrow is here to stay,
Mistresses who came, gone and forgotten,
A child who reads holds deep faith,
Faith blooms and the Maker enters.
Waking up to witness flowers and butterflies,
The child sits and composes a song,
The first verse contains suffering and love,
Children of the world, are you there?
No longer is the child sad and lost,
The second verse speaks of Heaven and Earth,
All that’s lost, found and treasured,
It’s a beautiful and sweet relief..


My name is Emilia Tan. The founder and the owner of myBatik Magazine.