Creative Answer 2011

The contribution of Batik to the future of Malaysia

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Building communities

Culture is a critical element of lively, vibrant and sustainable communities. How can batik promote lively, vibrant and sustainable communities?

Engaging citizenship

Are there enough cultural volunteers in terms of promoting batik to the public?

Building understanding and respect

What are the programs, developed by the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage Ministry, or multiculturalism organizations to enhance cross-cultural understanding and affirm community ties through batik?

Choosing healthy life styles

Participation in cultural activities is part of a healthy lifestyle.  While many cultural activities involve physical activity, it is also important to note that healthy minds, kept in shape through various cultural activities, can keep us healthy throughout the many stages of our lives. Are they any programs that utilize batik to promote a healthy lifestyle in Malaysia?

Educating our children

By ensuring our children are taught to appreciate culture, such as our multicultural heritage, we are helping to build open-minded and thoughtful citizens of the future. Are there any programs that will provide an opportunity for cultural organizations to clarify some of these roles in order to enhance the Malaysian education system?

Engaging youth

Many cultural organizations have developed programs to reach youth-at-risk. Children involved in culture are less likely to be seduced by the world of drugs, alcohol and vandalism. In your opinion, how can batik teach youth essential life skills including responsibility, self-esteem, cooperation, discipline and patience?

Revitalizing neighbourhoods and communities

Culture plays an important role in revitalizing communities both large and small. How can batik help to revitalize communities through industry, community participation and tourism?

Attracting investments

Investment into the cultural industries contributes to Malaysia’s overall economy. Investing in culture means investing in its people. How can highly-motivated batik practitioners turn creative energy into dollars that benefit the community?

Creating new technologies

It is the imagination that moves us forward.  Creative minds, influenced by arts and culture, are those that go on to develop some of today’s most innovative technology, including video games and web design. Do you think batik can achieve innovation through technology or create new technologies?

Connecting with other cultures abroad

Partnerships with other cultures abroad allows Malaysian culture to reach communities worldwide with innovative cultural programming. What are the examples of partnerships that have been achieved or future partnerships by the Ministry with international communities to promote Malaysian batik?

Attracting tourists

Batik is a popular commodity in tourism. In your opinion, what can be done to draw more tourists to Malaysia for a unique cultural tourism experience through batik?

Creating jobs

Many batik practitioners are self-employed, adding to the entrepreneurial spirit of those in the industry? What can be done (or is currently being done) to churn out more batik entrepreneurs that will do Malaysia good?

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