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We are pleased to announce an open call for contributing writers on the topics of batik and craft.

The contributing writer will need to be capable of expressing complicated concepts in simple, practical language, and write for both academic & non-academic audiences. Writers should have previously done batik, possess a deep interest in batik or be experts in art, craft, fashion or cultural affairs. Intellectual thinking, critical thinking and a sense of humour are qualities we look for in writers. We value freedom of speech and writers are free to say what they want to say in written form – we accomodate differing thoughts and opinions. In short, many voices in one magazine.

For the 2011 & 2012 Editorial Calendar, we are planning to feature write-ups on the following topics:

~ New Year & Batik in Love & Romance
~ Family business (batik or craft enteprise)
~ Batik in performing arts (music, dance, film or theatre)
~ Batik in interiors
~ Batik in commerce/business
~ Batik in schools/universities
~ Batik in politics
~ Design trends
~ Criticisms on current issues or trends
~ Cultural travels and observations of batik-making in Asia, Europe, America or the UK
~ Personal thoughts on issues related to batik
~ Creative/Artistic process (for batik art)

Since articles can be very visual, it would be good if writers include images whenever possible.


1. Length of article:  A minimum of 300 words
2. Photo & image captions/courtesies are clearly indicated in the article
3. For images of paintings, writers are required to include the title and size of painting and the media used.
4. For photos of people featured, kindly include the full names of the people featured.

Things to Avoid

Please make sure not to duplicate content that’s already on any websites or published books. Avoid using language that is intimidating to novices. Plagiarism, copyright violations, racism, bigotry and anything that promotes violence are not tolerated.

Benefits of Being a Contributing Writer

The publication of your work will give you a “voice” in the batik community. You will also be contributing to the preservation of batik art and craft. For your participation:

~ Your biodata, email and website address will be included in myBatik and this will help you establish visibility as a writer, artist, and scholar.

~ You will also receive 2 free copies of the issue that your work is published to pass on to relatives, friends, or put in a file to build your portfolio to assist you in securing other creative assignments.

~ You will become a part of a growing network of professional writers and creative artists.

Interested? Email the editor at and let us know what’s on your mind. We are currently accepting submissions.

Many thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!

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