Invitation “Turn Around” Solo Exhibition by Mok Wai Hong & “Fantom” TonySame New Series Launch Ceremony

As a perfect marriage of high-end fashion and the art of human technology, local eyewear brand TonySame proudly sponsors Mr Gary Mok, the renowned Hong Kong artist’s latest solo exhibition, “Turn Around”.  The exhibition presents his latest work from 2010 to 2011 at Schoeni Art Gallery (Old Bailey Street, Central).  Gary’s creations are mostly inspired by the dramatic international news photography, highlighting his observations on the relationship amongst the modern society, media and audience, arousing the public on the “visual authenticity” . 

Pursuing the experience of “visual authenticity” and perfection in craftsmanship, the concept behind Gary’s artworks coincides with the core values of TonySame: eyewear products that allow the users to fulfill their desires to see clearly – a basic need in life, “to clearly witness the reality.”

Furthermore, Gary Mok is a Master degree graduate from Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), which is also a long-term creative partner of TonySame.  TonySame’s new series, “Fantom”, will also be launched with Gary Mok’s solo exhibition – a creative breakthrough and crossover! 

A charity auction will be held, the latest work “Mock TV News” will be donated to ORBIS.  ORBIS’ mission is to prevent and treat blindness by providing quality eye care to transform lives in many poor developing countries.

Venue:              Main Gallery, 21-31 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong

Media Conference:  Thursday, 20 October 2011, 4 – 5pm

Exhibition Runs:    21 October 2011 – 14 November 2011

Host:             Artist Mr. Gary Mok and

Miss Nicole Schoeni(Founder of Schoeni Art Gallery)


Mr Rocky Kam

Tel:(852) 60327114             

About Gary Mok

Mok Wai Hong is a Hong Kong artist. Upon graduating from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing with bachelor’s degree in 2007, his works have met with critical acclaim and is one of the select few to have been nominated as a finalist for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize in 2005, 2006 and 2009. Mok’s style is characterised by its emphasis on Hong Kong and China, within its vernacular topography and cityscape. As a native of the former colony, Mok sheds keen psychological insight into the mentality of the “Hongkonger”. Calmly and consciously, he poses on his canvases thoughtful questions about the undergoing transitions and changes of the society in which he lives in.


TonySame 魅影系列發布會

以推崇時尚品味、糅合人體工學和亞洲剪裁見稱的香港眼鏡品牌TonySame贊助香港藝術家莫偉康最新個人畫展《轉身》,將於奧卑利街少勵畫廊主店進行開幕禮,展出他在2010年及2011年期間的創作。 莫偉康以戲劇性國際新聞圖片為題材,反思現今社會上媒體和觀眾的相互關係,藉以喚起大眾對「真實性」的追求。


此外,莫偉康為北京中央美術學院碩士畢業生,而TonySame一向與北京中央美術學院合作無間。 莫偉康的新作與TonySame的新産品魅影系列同場展出,可以說是破天荒在創作及美學上的跨界別Crossover!

同日將舉行慈善拍賣活動,其中一幅名爲「Mock TV News」的名畫將全數收益撥捐奧比斯,以支持奧比斯在全球很多貧窮的發展中國家作出防盲、救盲及醫療培訓工作,攜手宣揚救盲使命,改寫失明人士的命運。

展覽地址        : 香港中環奧卑利街21-31號少勵畫廊主店

開幕酒會    : 2011年10月20 日(星期四)下午4時至5

展覽日期        : 2011年10月21日 至2011年11月14日

主禮        :藝術家莫偉康先生及少勵畫廊店主Nicole Schoeni小姐


Mr Rocky Kam

電話:(852) 60327114           




Best regards,

Rocky Kam 甘洛基

Brand Development Director 品牌拓展總監

TonySame (International) Limited


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