The Company

  1. we are 100% hand made
  2. we are malaysian brand
  3. our batik fabric is 100% nature fibre
  4. our products is 100% home made
  5. our products come with EAN bar code
  6. we can customize for you
  7. we can insert your company logo / label in our batik products
  8. we provide online shopping experience

please email to us for latest myBatik catalogue,

 what is myBatik Visitor Centre

Spearheaded by batik artist Emilia Tan following the wave of home-grown artist led initiatives to revitalize downtown Kuala Lumpur, myBatik Visitor Centre is a well-designed village that doubles as a community space for art lovers and also a working hub for myBatik’s in-house artists. Housed in a cool oasis of frangipani, tropical fruit frees and elegant buildings, visitors can participate in batik painting classes, explore an art gallery that showcases a revolving roster of artists, indulge in retail therapy at a batik shop and enjoy good food and coffee in a garden cafe. Classes for adults and children available starting from RM50 upwards. Kindly call the centre for details or visit the website at Admission is Free.


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