11 July ~ 11 August 2013 myBatik Raya Exhibition, Demonstration & Sales @ The Garden Mall K.L.


Gigantic butterflies invade The Gardens Mall


KUALA LUMPUR, July 10, 2013 – Traditional Batik art is of the profound kind. Every stroke and every seam requires precise craftsmanship so that a masterpiece that reflects contemporary lifestyle is created. From the wall hangings to simple handicraft work, every unique piece of art mirrors the passion of its creator. Malaysia’s trendsetter and leading batik brand, myBatik not only masters the traditional artistry but excites the monotonous market with its distinctive and contemporary creations.


With modern practicality as its goal, the brand turns interior decorations into canvases that portray different stories, blending artistic elements into our everyday life. From July 12th through August 11th, myBatik, in collaboration with The Gardens Mall present an exhibition with butterflies and flowers as the theme, and inspires audience with one-of-the-kind aesthetics.


This exhibition will showcase a selection of batik decorations, paintings and clothing with patterns including magnificent peonies, graceful daisies, colourful ostrich-like feathers and gigantic butterflies – all are fine, painstaking creatures by dedicated artisans who aspire to embellish every cosy home with murals that bring nature indoors. All veteran artisans at myBatik are graduates from renowned art institutes in Malaysia. From the exquisite exhibits, audience will certainly be amazed by the harmonious blend of craftsmanship and freehand brushwork, of unique styles from the East and the West, of cutting-edge designs and traditional styles within the brushwork, decorations, oil and abstract paintings. These are all priceless art pieces.


Fun Batik Workshops for the Public


Every sheet of myBatik’s distinctive hand-painted batiks requires the most painstaking selection of materials and flawless skills. Dedicated to manufacture eco-friendly and zero-harm products, myBatik endeavours to customise products with customers who decide what themes, concepts, and even sizes their interior furnishings will be. For this exhibition, myBatik has invited an up and coming batik painter, Haikal who will demonstrate for visitors his superb painting skills and the hand-making process during the exhibition. Visitors can hand-paint their own batik painting under the guidance by the artist to create their unique story.


“Most of the young generation do not possess batik knowledge and the chance to view batik making process, so for this Hari Raya, myBatik hopes to connect with them through public batik demonstrations. We sincerely hope the public will have a better understanding of and interest in Malaysian batik. A profound interest in the art by the public is essential to ensure a better future for Malaysian batik,” said Emilia Tan, founder and Managing Director of myBatik.


For more information on this exhibition, please visit www.myBatik.org.my


For more information, please write to


Mr. Haikal, assistant manager

contact: +60123887343 , assistant@myBatik.org.my

Mr. GB, + 603 42515154 


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myBatik Kuala Lumpur is a Batik centre we open everyday from 8am to 3pm. We provide Batik workshop and lessons for all the guests who are interested to learn about Malaysian Batik making process. Besides we do have a gifts and souvenirs store, selling all our hand made batik merchandise and fabrics. There is a cafe in the centre named Green Tomato Cafe, www.greentomatocafe.com.my , serving all day breakfast, lunch and high tea. Gourmet coffee and 100% freshly juices. Enquiry ? please call/ whatapps +60122579775 or email tmsart@tmsart.com.my

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