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Swiss-born but a longtime Colorado City resident, Dr. Claudine Jeanrenaud is a Jungian psychologist with many years of academia and practice behind her.  She is also well-known in this area for her “Unconscious Art” and her courses in dream analysis.  Her own personal dream, however, has long been to create a space for the exploration of Art in all its myriad forms, a safe area where art can be experienced as it ought to be, both through exhibition and through practice.  To this end, she is opening “ARCHETYPOS EVENT GALLERY”, an exhibition space to fill a void in Colorado City, a non-profit organization to encourage the Arts in the area and a place where artists and supporters of the Arts can connect with one another.

Claudine declares:

“As a child, I always had a dolls house with the most precious objects I owned in it and to me, it felt like a Fairyland in my bedroom.  As an adult, I founded ARCHETYPOS in Denver as an Art and Dream Study Center and the new gallery is an extension of this in the Greenhorn Valley”.

The first exhibition at ARCHETYPOS will be “Four Eyes on India”, a collection of the unique and original Batik Paintings of Beth and Jonathan Evans, as well as beautiful imported fabrics that the Evans’ have brought back from their travels and which they normally sell under the business name “Shalawalla Imports”.  The paintings are all created in and about India and feature portraits of local villagers, landscapes and studies from the North Indian Himalayan area.

Jonathan and Beth Evans have long had a home in Almora, a hill station high in the Kumaon Foothills of the Himalayas in Northern India.  The recent and on-going freak torrential Monsoon rains have flooded and destroyed villages in their area with great loss of life and the deaths of close personal Indian friends. Avalanches and mudslides have swept houses away and buried entire families.

Says Beth:

“The current tragedy in our village and the reported damage to our house has put us in a quandary. We have discussed returning to India immediately and trying to help out in the village.  But we have now decided to send the considerable amount of money that our air fares would cost, to Almora to help out our friends and we will donate any proceeds that we make from this exhibition of our work to helping our friends to rebuild their houses and lives.  Jonathan and I have decided that we can be more effective by raising money at this end and sending it over to help our friends and neighbors in India.  Please come and see our exhibition of Batik paintings of India and help to support a good cause.  Sadly, in this world, it always seems to be the poorest areas that suffer the most in these climactic disasters; anything that we can do, as a much more affluent country, can help these poor people”.

The grand opening of the new Gallery will be at 4pm on Friday, October 8th and will feature live music from Antonio Arguello on percussion and Patrick Valdez on guitar. Refreshments will also be provided.

There will be a Drum Workshop on Saturday October 9th, the following morning, at Archetypos.

ARCHETYPOS EVENT GALLERY, 3710, East Colorado Blvd, Colorado City 81019

For further details, call 719 676 3844


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