Beyond Reality by Greece Artist Tano

TANO is forming a philosophy based on the comparison and combination of string theory, quantum mechanics, astrophysics and biology with the traditions of Shamanism and the old religions, a philosophical system that becomes material through the art of painting. The artist’s goal is to show what can possibly exist after our human limitations and create artworks in a way that viewers can reach new conclusions depending on their own personal knowledge and visionary capabilities. He looks into the continuous appearance of forces and energies of nature such as spirals, rotations and chaotic movements that affect and constantly rearrange the form and shape of everything, from the macrocosm to the microcosm. The paths that this art is taking us are the paths of the mystical exploration of our inner selves and the outer realities of the spiritual.

Cha, Taro, Emilia & Wairah, visit to Taro batik art premier show
Cha, Tano, Emilia & Wairah
Taro Batik art is inspired by his stay in Jogjakarta indonesia
Tano Batik art is inspired by his stay in Jogjakarta indonesia
Tano Batik is very much playing with the color combination

Taro & Emilia
Tano & Emilia

TANO (b. 1978) is an Indonesian-based Greek artist who resides in Yogyakarta and Greece after completing his scholarship on Batik at Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts and has been practicing on various mediums including graffiti since then. His first solo was Concepts and Reality – Beyond Skepticism in 2009.

I wanted to see if what I suspected could be done with batik. Now I know that this technique, better yet, this tradition has amazing possibilities. And I am surprised to realise that until now, it has been very little explored comparing to what I think an artist can actually do with it.”

a solo exhibition by Greek artist TANO. In this show, TANO incorporates various traditional techniques to materialise his visions and thoughts, such as Batik from Southeast Asia and charcoal drawings from the European tradition. He will also exhibit an artwork crafted according to the Byzantine icon painting. This is meant to help the viewers to approach the subject of the exhibition through the spectrum of different traditions of artistic creation.

This exhibition aims to take the viewer into an artistic journey beyond the limits of the human senses. The artworks present a lifelong commitment by the artist to explore the “unseen worlds”. The parallel dimensions that exist beyond the reality that our senses create.


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