Growing your batik business in 2010

And so it draws to a close. 2009. One of the downright memorable years since 2008. We thought instead of stepping back and pondering the earth-shattering, world-changing & life-affirming moments, we’ve prepared some tips and strategies you need to grow your batik business in 2010 and beyond. Here it goes:

Review Your Existing Advertising
If you haven’t kept a formal list of your advertising efforts, now’s the time to start. Knowing what works, what doesn’t, and when you last tried it will help you avoid making the same mistake twice. It can also help you decide when it’s time to re-test something that didn’t go so well the first time.

Evaluate your history
Let’s start with an inventory of everything you’ve tried to date to market your batik business. Record any action you’ve taken in the past year, jotting down all the information you have regarding that activity (cost, time invested, dates, duration of advertisement, etc.). Now, think about each of these efforts and be honest about what’s not working. Is it because you haven’t been able to dedicate enough time to it? Is it too costly? Or is it just truly not working for your audience? Be ruthless and drop anything that’s not yielding a return – especially if it’s costing you money. You can always try it again later.

Now that you’ve shortened your list to just the things that are working, pick one or two to expand through 2010. Decide how much time you’re going to dedicate to this activity each week, and if there’s a cost associated with it, budget what that will be. Make your goals as aggressive as you like, but make them do-able. Here are a few examples:

Increase Awareness with Business Cards
Carry business cards with you at all times. Share them with anyone you meet who shows an interest in your business, whether you’re at a client meeting, or a party where the topic of what you do for a living comes up in conversation. Give each person multiple cards, one for them and another one or two to share with someone they know who might also be interested in your services.

Place Online Banner Ads
This project involves several phases. 1) First you’ll need to identify potential sites that might refer sales-worthy traffic, determine their pricing/trade policies, and decide how much you’re willing to pay and for how long. 2) Then you need to create your own banner or pay a graphic designer to create one for you. 3) Once you’ve posted your banner, watch the results – you want to know how much traffic the site gets, how many clicks your banner receives, and how many sales or new customers you got as a result. 4) Use these numbers to determine the return on your ad investment (Total cost of banner advertising ÷ number of new customers gained = Cost Per Acquisition).

Promote Your Business with Email
Create your own electronic newsletter that speaks to your target audience and shows them how your products can help them. Email once a week or once a month – whatever fits into your schedule and makes your audience happy.

Once you’re done with your advertising review, celebrate! You’ve completed a task that all successful business owners do routinely to keep their businesses on track.


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