Invitation 15-30 October 2011,International Cultural Exchange Center of Henan Province & Yinbing Hotel of The Yellow River Henan exhibition

Soka Gakkai Malaysia, Malaysia Contemporary Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Association,

International Cultural Exchange Center of Henan Province & Yinbing Hotel of The Yellow River Henan

cordially invite you and your friends to the exhibition entitled



which will be officiated by

His Excellency Mr. Chai Xi,

Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Malaysia

on October 15 (Saturday), 3.00pm

at Ground Floor, Soka Exhibition Hall

Wisma Kebudayaan SGM

Exhibition period: 15 to 30 October 2011

Opening hours: 11.00am to 6.00pm

Admission: Free






free admission 入场免费

China’s 1911 Revolution was one of the most important events in contemporary history of China. Ending the feudal system that ruled China for over 2000 years, the revolution was best remembered for turning China into a republic, earning praises and imprinting deep memories for the future generations. In memory of the 100th Anniversary of the Revolution, Mr. Zhou Junjie, a renowned calligrapher from China, together with Dr. Foo Yong Kong, a renowned calligrapher and painter from Malaysia, will hold a joint exhibition of calligraphic works in Kuala Lumpur, to commemorate the spirit and wisdom of China’s 1911 Revolution through the unique expression of calligraphic art.  This is truly an exceptional and significant event, which will definitely open up a beautiful chapter in the history of the calligraphy exchange between Malaysia and China.

Mr. Zhou Junjie is currently holding the post of Honorary Chairman for Calligraphy Association of Henan Province and Vice General Director for International Cultural Exchange Center of Henan Province. Zhou Jun Jie, a scholar from Central China, has a rich cultural background and is resolutely and industriously committed to the art of calligraphy. He has initiated efforts in building both the creative and theoretical aspects of calligraphic art to new heights. He has been being commended as not only the representative of Henan calligraphy, but also the representative of calligraphers of the whole nation.

Dr. Foo Yong Kong is the President of Malaysia Contemporary Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Association. His creative calligraphy can be basically divided into three categories: Firstly, the Neo-Classic style; secondly, the Contemporary Little Verse Scripts and thirdly the combination of ink and rich colours style, resulting in a signature style of his own.  The boldness and innovation in his calligraphy reflects his efforts to enhance the universal visual expression.  He believes that “artist should interpret creativity with contemporary perspective.  It is necessary for the artwork to be imbued with contemporary style and colour as this will arouse resonance with others and lead us to continue our exploration together.”

From the 60 over calligraphic works of Mr. Zhou and Dr. Foo to be on displayed, the commonality of their works is the combination of traditional skills with bold and unrestrained spirit, richness, vitality and personal styles. They are also contemporary artists who epitomize the senses of life of present times. With these credentials, they present to the viewers the wisdom, culture, history, tradition, aesthetic, temperament and interest of the calligraphy of present times.

On the opening day, there will be an art talk entitled The Study and Creation of Calligraphic Worksat 5.00pm, delivered by Mr Zhou Junjie.  Besides that, there will be two guided tour sessions and live calligraphy demonstration by Dr. Foo Yong Kong on the following dates during the exhibition period:

Guided Tour by Calligrapher & Live Calligraphy Demonstration

1st session    : 22 October (Saturday) at 3pm

2nd session   : 30 October (Sunday) at 3pm

For activities registration, kindly contact Ms. Lee Miin Yee from SGM Public Relations Department at 03-2141 2003, Email: or visit SGM website at









有关活动报名,请联络SGM公关部李敏瑜小姐。电话:03-2141 2003; 电邮;网站


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