The Borderless Batik Street..

How many of you have long desired to express your artistic side but do not have an opportunity to do so? Perhaps you need a platform and myBatik is pleased to introduce “The Borderless Batik Street”. It’s basically a call to produce a piece of creative work to be featured on this blog. It can be an image of a painting or sculpture, a piece of music, an idea or even a video.

Tell us something about your work and we will feature it on this blog. You don’t have to be an artist or art practitioner to participate in this project. It’s more like a “work-in-progress” thing and you are free to submit a work anytime. No time limits, and the main purpose is to encourage creativity and channel that creativity into something fulfilling. Inspired moments. Uninspired moments. We welcome both. Do you have what it takes? Email us your work at 

On the other side of the street. We are in the midst of producing the 9th issue of myBatik. Looking smooth (though not forgetting occasional hiccups) and we can’t wait for it to be published. It is scheduled to be out early February and if you happen to drop by Kinokuniya or MPH, don’t forget to get a copy of it.


myBatik Kuala Lumpur is a Batik centre we open everyday from 8am to 3pm. We provide Batik workshop and lessons for all the guests who are interested to learn about Malaysian Batik making process. Besides we do have a gifts and souvenirs store, selling all our hand made batik merchandise and fabrics. There is a cafe in the centre named Green Tomato Cafe, , serving all day breakfast, lunch and high tea. Gourmet coffee and 100% freshly juices. Enquiry ? please call/ whatapps +60122579775 or email

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