INVITATION: 10 April 2011 “Seeds of Hope” Peace Exhibition@ Wisma Kebudayaan SGM

which will be officiated by

YB Senator Tuan Gan Ping Sieu,

Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports

on April 10 (Sunday), 4.00pm

at Ground Floor Exhibition Hall

Wisma Kebudayaan SGM

Exhibition period: April 9 – May 1, 2011

Opening hours: 11.00am to 6.00pm

Admission: Free







The “Seeds of Hope” exhibition stresses our interconnectedness with the rest of the community of life and the need to broaden our sphere of compassion and concern. It encourages viewers to overcome feelings of powerlessness and highlights the fact that a single individual can initiate positive change.

It also introduces the positive vision for sustainable living expressed in the Earth Charter, and gives examples of eight individuals and groups who have successfully taken action for change, from Africa to the Arctic and Eastern Europe. The message “It starts with one,” is key — the slogan that the Earth Charter International has chosen for their “Earth Charter Plus 10” campaign in 2010, to celebrate the Charter’s 10th anniversary.

The “Seeds of Hope” exhibition contains 24 panels and available in 3 languages (English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese). The exhibition uses the “Learn, Reflect, Empower” formula outlined in SGI President Daisaku Ikeda’s 2002 proposal on education for sustainable development and is a tool for the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD).  President Ikeda said: “There are all sorts of revolutions, but no matter what one changes, the world will never get any better as long as people themselves remain selfish and lacking in compassion.”

Key features of the exhibition:

v  The initial section introduces the idea of interconnection with inspiring quotes from different spiritual and religious traditions.

v  The exhibition stresses that sustainability is not only about the protecting the environment but also ensuring social justice and peace.

v  It introduces the Earth Charter and links the individual principles of the Earth Charter to the positive case studies.

v  It gives concrete ideas of what one person can do, and provides space for people to pledge what action they will take.

v  A special feature to appeal to children is the inclusion in the bottom half of each panel of an inset featuring an endangered or unusual animal.


此项展览介绍了《地球宪章》对可持续未来的展望,同时展示了8个来自非洲到北极和东欧透过个人和小组的实际行动取得改变的成功例子。 展览中的关键性讯息为“从一开始”– 同时也是2010年为庆祝《地球宪章》10周年纪念发起“地球宪章十年回顾”运动的口号。



v 展览的开端部分引用了各宗教信仰的启发性箴言传达各生命体的相互关联。

v 展览中所传达的可持续性并非局限于环境的保护,同时也必须确保社会的正义与和平。

v 展览中介绍了《地球宪章》,以及积极实践《地球宪章》原则的个人或团体的成功个案,令人鼓舞。

v 展览提供了每一个人可以如何行动的明确指引,并鼓励观者要坚信一个人的正面改变,可以带来全球性的变革。所以,切勿小看自己微小的行动,而必须持之以恒。

v  此项展览也特别为小朋友设计了教育性的一环,即在每一个展览板的下端,都会介绍一种频临绝种或稀有动物。


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