INVITATION: 12 April 2011 myBatik Fashion Show for Secretaries Week

Glamour EZE Collection
Glamour EZE Collection

Hungga ‘Mystery’ Collection

This collection pushes the frontier of colour and abstract design to create an artistic and beautiful mysterious effect. The mixture of contrasting reds, yellows, oranges, blues and shades of black together with a flowing water effect makes strikingly attractive batik. These fabric designs will stand out and provide a bold and expressive material for dressmaking. The beautiful designs and brilliant colours will appeal to both contemporary and traditional tastes, and represent a perfect fusion of both traditions. This is an exciting and mysterious collection!

Glamour EZE Collection

This collection features a fusion of traditional batik with glamorous contemporary touches in beading and embroidery. The traditional batik Kurung silhouette is enhanced in these pieces by a judicious use of modern pattern embroidery and beading especially on the chest, waist and neck. The overall effect is to sharpen the lines of the dresses and to add a bit of flash to the appearance. This effect is further promoted by the use of colours such as white, black, purple, red and brown gold which contrast well with the shining glamorous beading and embroidery. The results are batik dresses with outstanding modern twists.

Nordin ‘FLORIST’ Collection

Nordin’s new fabric collection fuses traditional hand drawn batik with the modern technique of digital print to present a dazzling array of floral patterns and abstract designs. Roses, tulips and daisies stand out against a beautiful abstract background. Hand drawn aspects contrast with digitalised prints. The overall effect, when combined with the colours selected and the texture of the fabric, is to create a stunning impression of motion and changing field of focus. This creates an exciting material for beautiful and innovative dresses mixing traditional and contemporary batik styles.

Desa Murni, ‘Dreaming’ Collection

This collection utilises the latest in graphic design technology to explore new vistas in batik print. Highly realistic images of flowers such as roses and tulips leap from a colourful abstract background, an optical feat made possible by the creative employment of digital print processes. This mixture of high resolution flowers with a beautiful, blurred and shadowy colour background creates a visually exciting and dreamlike effect for each of the patterns in the collection. These pieces really show the extent to which new technology can expand the horizons of batik design.

Pita La Petit ‘Haute Couture’ Collection
Pita La Petit ‘Haute Couture’ Collection

Pita La Petit ‘Haute Couture’ Collection

This elegant collection takes simple classic shapes and through the use of see-through chiffon, delicate embroidery, sequins and floral prints creates dresses which show a lovely body line of the model. The subtle and understated use of floral patterns coupled with the classic shape of the dresses creates a modern impression of the traditional batik sarong. This effect is enhanced by the use of see through chiffon, delicate embroidery and sequins. The combination of these elements is technically very challenging, and produces a breathtaking impression. The dresses manage to look elegant, gorgeous and sexy at the same time. They also successfully mix traditional and contemporary fashion.


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